What kind of people following this course?

Farmers, actors and doctors
Footballers, drivers and ex-floor traders
Lawyers, journalists and pensioners

Ortopedists, surgeons and butchers
Bookkeepers, councilors and mayors
Professors, croupiers and car dealers

Jewelers, pharmacists and architects
Toiletists, IT specialists and hackers
Market vendors, roofers and ex burglars

Poker players, clothing designers and disc jockeys
Brokers, clairvoyants and bicycle makers Sea fishermen,
catering magnates and asset managers

Writers, representatives and contractors
Shipbuilders, project developers and pharmacists
Teachers, stand builders and students

Photographers, engineers and pilots
Hairdressers, postmen and interim managers
Cheese and fishmongers, SM mistresses, bank managers
Sports instructors, furniture builders and IT professionals


Interested in the course?

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Phone NL +31 10 519 21 15 | E-mail info@robwessels.nl

Phone NL +31 10 519 21 15
E-mail info@robwessels.nl