Difference daytrading and investing

Day trading has nothing to do with investing. It is a kind of skill game to try to earn money with shares. Day trading is actually a kind of computer game with real prices.

Shortly in the market

Daytrading means that you are always in the market for a short time. You are always buying and selling. The time between buying and selling is only a few minutes to a few hours.

Daytrading is a way to earn money daily with fluctuating rates. You should, of course, have access to a proven trade plan. The trick is to emotions during the roller coaster rides, so you have a confident and cool type boss.

Sleep peacefully

With daytrading they are always in the market for a short time. As a result, the chance of loss is many times smaller than that investors are running. After all, investors are in the market for months and sometimes for years on end. Investors are thus constantly exposed to world events such as the banking crisis, the euro crisis, the Internet bubble, China, oil crisis, etc. etc. With day trading you strive to get in and out every day making you sleep so quiet.


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