10 Benefits of daytrading

  1. With day trading you earn not only when the prices rise but also when they drop! For a trader it does not matter whether a price falls or rises.
  2. Direct result. Your money is insured in many ways, so low risk.
  3. Total freedom. You can trade (wireless) anywhere in the world because your laptop is your ‘store’.
  4. You do not need a store, office or staff and you never have to go after your money because the profit is credited immediately.
  5. No transaction costs.
  6. Your profit is practically tax-free.
  7. You do not have to sit behind the computer all the time. You can also use your phone and laptop.
  8. You spend most of the time with only a small part of your capital in the market.
  9. You are always on holiday because you can travel and act at the same time.
  10. You sleep better because you close daily positions.


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