Rob’s motives

People sometimes ask: “Why do you give a course if you can daytrade so well?” My answer is: I am going to the 80 years and still play at the fair every day. In addition, I find it very nice to train others during the act, like a football coach. It gives me a good feeling if I can help others to prevent loss and make a profit.

I also meet all kinds of interesting (business) people who enrich my life, because life behind a PC is pretty lonely.

Intense satisfaction

In fact, learning from the profession to others keeps me super-sharp. Everyone needs a kind of sounding board to keep the mind sharp, in order not to become company-blind.

It also gives me intense satisfaction to help someone who can become successful with this great profession.

The strategy developed by myself over the years, I would like to be rewarded with a piece of goodwill, like an entrepreneur who sells his profitable company.

I act as a merchant and do not do technical analyzes. I see trading on the stock market as trading on the market. Shares could just as easily have been flowers for my part. In my view, shares are only products to make money.

The most free profession

Trading with stocks or futures is really fascinating. It is the most free profession that exists. It keeps people young at heart because thinking never stops. One must always respond to new situations. It contains all the elements that make entrepreneurship so fascinating.

Last but not least: a successful daytrader is not a genius investor but has a genius discipline to stick to his or her own rules.

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