About Rob Wessels

Dear Fellow,

My name is Rob Rotgans but I use the name of my grandfather ‘Wessels’ as a trade name. My grandfather was a market maker in Boston and my biggest friend.

I will fall right in the house with the door. The most frequently asked question I get is: “Why do you give courses if you can act so well yourself?”
My answer is: “It is one and one! I still trade with students every day and on Friday. It’s fun to teach like-minded people and I’m still keen on it! ”

Trader in heart and soul

Since 1997 it was possible to trade shares for the first time via the Internet and since then I have gained experience in trading and walking of day trading. Like many of you, I am a trader in heart and soul.

About ten years ago I acted for them at the request of a number of students. I had to stop at a certain moment because I did not have a permit for that. I have been fined for that and it is only that you know it: I can show you how I trade and what my plan is but can act for someone else really can not.

Not a fairy tale storyteller

With this course I want to protect you from fairy tales and expensive missteps, because if you lose your capital you are poor and played out. Then no one is waiting for you anymore and you are standing with your hands in your hair to say to yourself, “How stupid I was! If only I would have kept to the rules! ”

I therefore dare to say with justification and conviction that the money for this course will be very well spent. You will notice that the course fees pay for themselves again. You pay the course afterwards because I have so much confidence in the trade plan.

Compete against professionals

I can certainly say about the usefulness of a practical course: you do not jump into the deep if you have not learned how to swim? No, because you know that you are drowning!

With the stock trading you take on the professionals, the ‘Mike Tysons’ of the stock market. You do not do that unprepared anyway? No, because then you know in advance that you will lose!

If you really want to become a day trader, I give a practical course that I wish someone had given me 20 years ago.

Practice training

The course is not only the course meeting of one day, but also a practical training in the form of 16 online trade sessions. Whether you will ultimately be successful and profitable is not the diet or the trainer but yourself. You really have to want it and eventually do it yourself.

Timing is the most important factor in daytrading. There are good and bad moments to buy. The key is to buy quality when the price is mobile. I’ll show you this trick live.

Make this course your first major investment and give up.

Day older

During the course I am supported by two great employees Robbin and Adam. They are not only my assistants, but they also take care of me personally because I am getting older, almost 80! They are now experienced traders who not only guide the students in a personal way during the course day but also afterwards.

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Interested in the course?

You are interested but you still have a few questions? An introductory meeting is always useful. Do not hesitate to mail or call. We are happy to help you!

Phone NL +31 10 519 21 15 | E-mail info@robwessels.nl

Phone NL +31 10 519 21 15
E-mail info@robwessels.nl