Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find an answer to the most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to call or email us.

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How long will the course take?
The course consists of a full-day course meeting. After this course day you can watch online 20 times how we act live.

I am not handy with computers, can I follow the course?
The technique of daytrading is easy to learn. We take all the time to explain everything to you, just as long as you feel comfortable. No rush. Our oldest student is 97 years old, so everyone can learn it.

How big are the group courses?
Between 5 and 12 people.

How much stock exchange knowledge do you have to have day trading?
The trading system is so easy that no knowledge or experience is required.

What capital do I need at least for day trading?
Most traders are between € 50,000 and € 250,000 to trade with high-quality products. For example, if you want to paddle very carefully first, you can start with a slightly lower amount.

How much time have I spent on trading?
You can always trade as long as the stock exchanges are open. There are people who act all day and there are people who only work a few hours a day. It depends entirely on your own preferences.

Do I have to sit at home behind my computer all the time to act?
No, you do not have to, you can have a robot act for you and if you are on the road you can use your smartphone, iPad, tablet or laptop

Why do you teach if you can act so well?
It is one for me! I trade 5 days a week, whether there are students or not. Giving a course keeps me sharp and I think it’s an outing. It is fun to do, it is fun and you are among like-minded people all day long.

What are the costs to be able to trade?
The brokers with whom I trade do not charge transaction costs. They do count interest if you hold shares for a longer period of time and have a small spread. But because a daytrader always tries to buy and sell on the same day, no interest is charged.

What kind of people is following this course?
Farmers, actors and doctors 
Footballers, drivers and ex-floor traders 
Lawyers, journalists and pensioners

Ortopedists, surgeons and butchers 
Bookkeepers, councilors and mayors 
Professors, croupiers and car dealers

Jewelers, pharmacists and architects 
Toiletists, IT specialists and hackers 
Market vendors, roofers and ex burglars

Poker players, clothing designers and disc jockeys 
Brokers, clairvoyants and bicycle makers Sea fishermen, 
catering magnates and asset managers

Writers, representatives and contractors 
Shipbuilders, project developers and pharmacists 
Teachers, stand builders and students

Photographers, engineers and pilots 
Hairdressers, postmen and interim managers 
Cheese and fishmongers, SM mistresses, bank managers 
Sports instructors, furniture builders and IT professionals






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Interested in the course?

You are interested but you still have a few questions? An introductory meeting is always useful. Do not hesitate to mail or call. We are happy to help you!

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Phone NL +31 10 519 21 15