Greed must be kept in check

Greed must be kept in check

Earn money, we want it all. For money to be worked, that still remains valid. But time can also be spent in Daytraden (day trade at the fair). For those with a budget of 50,000 euros or higher, this is a very exciting and exciting way of investing. Rob Wessels gives courses in this way of trading in basket of shares. We sent a relative layman to the course to experience it.


The course Daytraden starts at half past eight in the morning. And that with participants from all over the country. Some have spent the night in the area to be on time. Why in heaven’s name so early? Fortunately, that becomes clear very quickly. After the friendly reception with coffee and tea to wake up for a moment, the explanation starts at full speed because at 08.00 hours the front door opens. And at that moment all students look at the live trade. Within one minute one of the course leaders of the course makes 430 euros profit and closes the system again. Because it went so fast, everyone had to recover and the explanation of what exactly happened in that one minute was taken calmly and step by step after the trade. One of the female participants also acted at the opening at 08.

The leaders of the course give clear explanations without difficult words. The mobile stock market is being sought, then a lot can happen. “The fair must be volatile,” adds one of the participants. Most of the people present are looking a bit embarrassed. Volatiel, another word for mobile explains course leader Adam, with funny bow tie.

Making a profit at a declining stock market, it seemed impossible in advance or at least incomprehensible. But after half an hour at the course no more. The example of a farmer with borrowed pigs makes it immediately understandable to everyone, an example that you do not forget too soon. It is still very early in the morning, but everyone is interested. The public is very varied: A former lawyer, a retired technician, a former politician and entrepreneur in insurance, an owner-pair of a cleaning company, a medical analyst and secretary who is now putting volunteer farms back on track, a meditation instructor and housewife and a lawyer from the local government. The ages are also quite varied.

Participant Marjan, she also acted live this morning, is already pretty experienced during the morning. She is particularly enthusiastic about the support from Rob Wessels and regularly comes back on days like this to refresh her knowledge. For eight weeks, participants can watch the trade that goes with the course. But personal contact is also possible afterwards. Marjan: “Sometimes you are fictitious on loss and that is support fine, because that can be emotionally heavy. Panic must be prevented. For example, escort Adam always says: “A loss is only loss when I take it,” and that is true. Sometimes you have to be patient. Although it is much faster than with shares. Usually we act an hour per day and sometimes even a minute, as you saw today. ”

The students share a lot with each other, also bad experiences. During the break, it is fair to say here and there that some have been ‘stupid and greedy’. While the discipline required in the course is clearly indicated several times. “But if you earn 300 euros in 60 seconds, you want more”, admits one of the cleaning company’s owners. And then it does not work. You really have to apply what you learn here. ”

A bell rings several times during the course. Before the break, every hour five minutes, for the sales or purchases that have come around, but also for the time when Rob Wessels has to take his medication. Most bubbles keep everyone sharp, the others are received humorously. The mutual discussions are beautiful, in a free atmosphere they talk to each other. For example about the wishes of the proceeds. With day trading you often use only 2% of your amount that you have made available. But what is a good profit? A calculation example that seems to appeal to the whole room: With a 50,000 credit and playing with an acceptable risk of 15% profit, that is ultimately 7,500 per year. Participants Bernhard and Dick react immediately: “For a few minutes a day a very nice amount.”

The last part of the course is to technically get the hang of trading. Marjan participant is already very good at this: “I can now perform a number of crucial actions within 50 seconds, so that I have the most chance at the opening of the fair in the morning. But as with everything, practice makes perfect. “


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