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Rob Wessels, skilled day trader, bon vivant and founder of the course Daytraden states that everyone can daytrade as long as they have a commercial spirit.

What is daytrading? 
Daytraden is a market game at the fair where you make small trades on the motility of the race. Up, down, buy, sell. Sometimes it is so incredibly good that you just get scared of it.

How much money do you need to daytraden? 
Start with an amount you do not wake up to. Imagine you want to start a big Chinese restaurant. A huge investment that involves a lot of risks. It is much more sensible to start small, for example with an egg roll. Then you run much less risk and you will get to know the whipping of the whip. The same applies to day trading, and if you feel that you have daytrading in your fingers, you increase the capital step by step.

Why day trading and not just investing? 
I find it terrible. If an investor bought shares in 2000, he may be happy if he has his own money in 2016. An investor runs huge risks because he is always in the market. Just think of the banking crisis, tsunami with nuclear explosion, Russia occupies Ukraine, Chinese stock market collapses and the Brexit has also caused a lot of damage. No wonder that the average investor does not deserve a blow and sleeps badly. He is therefore constantly exposed to all bloodbaths and slaughter at the fair. As a daytrader you are ready 9 of 10 times at the end of the day and you sleep peacefully.

Is it possible to predict the stock market? 
Never think that you can predict the stock market, because the American President, Congress, the Senators, the central banks are joining forces to influence the financial markets. Apart from the influence Market Makers, High-Frequency Traders and media have on the stock market. As a result, prices can change at lightning speed, making even fundamental analyzes unpredictable. Well, who are we behind our laptop?

Can anyone daytraden? 
Anyone with a commercial spirit can become daytrader. By trade spirit I mean that you buy low and sell higher. It is ‘buy low and sell high’. Not the other way around. Fortunately, you now have internet access all over the world. That allows you to earn your sandwich with day trading wherever you are.

How much can I earn with day trading? 
If you have gained a lot of practical experience and can keep yourself under control, a day trader can withdraw money from the market almost every day. Depending on your risk profile, capital and practical experience, € 100 to € 1,000 per day is possible.

Is a day trader behind four large screens all day long? 
You can do that, but you do not have to. My trade plan is so simple that I do not need four monitors. In the past I acted on the basis of expectations. Now I realize that nobody knows and I therefore only act on facts.
There are even robots that act for you and when you are on the road you can use your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

What is a good tip that you want to give the reader? 
Day trading is only done with money that you can totally miss. You will of course have to learn first because it is not without risks. If you want to learn to drive, you should first take a theoretical and practical course. I’m pretty old but as the saying goes: ‘You have to learn it on an old bike’.

Rob Wessels:

Most Beautiful Proverb
Rather a small boss than a big servant.

Favorite drink
If it is only above 40%.

Biggest wish
That children do not have to suffer.

Best book
Reminesses of a stock operator.

Best TV program
The coffin.

First job
Chips seller.

Gets energy from
Driven ambitious positive people with courage.

Best company
Van der Valk.

Best invention

Biggest annoyance
People who do not keep their appointment.

Favorite movie
The Sound of Music.

Most beautiful city

Most beautiful memory
Good old Rotterdam.

Do not like

Best music
Wallstreet shuffle

Personal motto
Show must go on.

Most beautiful statement
I wish you a lot of staff.

Tasty food


Course Daytraden

Rob gives his practical lessons daytrading at various locations in the Netherlands. He will act live during such a course day.

The daily goal of profit is usually realized within an hour. See the blue graph in the middle of the page.

Students get acquainted with the trade plan that Rob has developed over the years.

Then follow 36 online practice lessons that you can follow at home.

An important part of the course is about the risks of the course. Capital protection and risk minimization are paramount to him. Profit comes in second place.


Register for the daytrading course?

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You are interested but still have questions? An introductory meeting is always useful. Do not hesitate to mail or call. Rob is happy to help you!

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Interested in the course?

You are interested but you still have a few questions? An introductory meeting is always useful. Do not hesitate to mail or call. We are happy to help you!

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Phone NL +31 10 519 21 15