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‘Losing investors through greed and panic selling’

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Buy low and sell high. It seems so easy, but many investors sell in panic when the prices are falling hard. And they forget to take a profit in time. This argues investor coach Rob Wessels.

According to Wessels, many investors never sell their shares, convinced that the prices will rise even further. “Whether the share has risen 1%, 5%, or 10%, when is it enough? As a result, investors are always on the market. If, for example, shocking world news arrives as with China, the price will fall. For fear they often take that loss. Ultimately, that loss is due to their greed. Profit is never realized and loss is always taken. ”

Easy to sell with profit
Wessels states that investors should think more as entrepreneurs. “An entrepreneur with common sense buys as low as possible and immediately attaches a sales price to it. If you have stock for a longer period of time, put them in the sale for a price that you will soon find reasonably achievable. That way you let them work for you. If the price than by a rumor or news suddenly shoots up unexpectedly, you have that profit nicely brought in, because usually drops the price after such a spike again quickly as a pudding.”

Buying low
The same applies according to the investor coach when buying a share. ,,Place a purchase order at a price below the current price. If the price goes down unexpectedly due to a rumor or news, you have bought for a nice price. Put the stock immediately afterwards at a higher price in sales, because usually the price rises again after a good dip. Here too, go for a feasible profit but not too greedy. I started that way myself and I noticed the pleasure of not always being in the market. This allows me to sleep peacefully.”


Photo: Marco De Swart

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