Daytrading tips

  • As long as you do not have feelings like stubbornness, greed and fear under control, you will inflate the account, system or not, in no time.
  • In order to understand (day) trades you must experience, breathe and experience. You will only really understand it if you have become one with the market. Instead of looking for signals from the market, the market will then start talking to you as a trader and send out your own signals. Realize that you first have to go through the entire process of practical experience with trial and error.
  • Daytrading is easy if you know what to do.
  • An experienced trader thinks for himself. The mass follows the flow because going against it feels unnatural.
  • As soon as a trader enters his trading room, he must leave his ego in the corridor. The ego is a malicious virus that kills most traders.
  • A daytrader knows the rules, does not sit around thinking but takes action!
  • As soon as a trader thinks of the game instead of the marbles, he finds himself on the winning path.
  • If a trader knows exactly what he can lose, he becomes a professional.
  • If a trader wants to earn money at the fair, there are two simple rules: 1) Buy low and sell high. 2) Sell high and buy low. Not the other way around.
  • A seasoned trader is modest, beginners often think they are experts.
  • Amateurs hope and professionals plan.
  • It is an art to let your profits run as long as your losses.
  • A professional takes his profit.
  • Beginners are afraid to miss a chance. Professionals are waiting for a good price.
  • As an experienced trader you ensure that you always reserve sufficient capital to stay in the game.
  • If a beginner thinks he has to buy, he must actually sell.
  • Daytraden is probability.
  • The problem with ‘pattern recognition’ is that you assume that historical events will repeat themselves.
  • If a novice trader wins, the same thing happens when he falls in love. He’s going to look through a pink pair of glasses.
  • Without a basic understanding of trade, day trading becomes a failure. Throw anything you read overboard. Think like a dealer in used cars. He does not predict anything, has an angelic patience to buy low and sell high.
  • An experienced trader acts on opening because the most mobility can be found there.
  • The professional sells to the crowd as soon as they buy.
  • Rob Wessels supports the CliniClowns. They give sick children a laugh.
  • Rob makes a profit:
  • to keep the plan tightly
  • stop trading after achieving the day goal
  • look closely at the costs
  • Stay alert to world-shaking events
  • technology and data up to date


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