Are you a Daytrader?

First of all, I would like to say that day trading is perfectly suitable for former entrepreneurs who do not want to play golf all day long. For people who are merchants, are on the market. For those who are used to taking risks and want to be more than ordinary investors.


1) you can keep to the trade plan
2) think like a trader
3) can work and continue to work in a disciplined way
4) dare to take risks
5) view your own responsibility

The right properties

If you recognize yourself in the following properties, I think you can become an excellent daytrader:

  • flexible
  • guts
  • responsible
  • independent
  • self-conscious
  • trade spirit
  • thinking rationally
  • motivated
  • for Business
  • serious
  • patient
  • studious
  • temperamentvol
  • open-minded
  • disciplined

A day trader is hidden in every entrepreneur

I dare to say with certainty that in every entrepreneurial type with the above characteristics a daytrader is hidden. My experience is that I can train every entrepreneur to become a day trader.

What else does a daytrader have to offer?

  • Passion, time, patience, expertise and inquisitiveness.
  • Being able to count well and quickly and have strategic insight.
  • Powerfully disciplined and able to work under heavy pressure.
  • Being able to quickly see dead end strategies.
  • Self-confidence to quickly make decisions and execute on the assembly line.
  • To be able to apply real hard realism when assessing every situation.
  • Apply self-reflection in case of errors and / or loss

If you meet these basic conditions and train for about 3 hours a day, you can develop these skills to a high level in practice.

Are you always frantic or suitable?

This is a nice one, see if you recognize yourself in this:
For more than three centuries ago, stock exchange trader Joseph de la Vega described in his book Verwarring der Verwarringen, the emotional roller coaster in which ignorant investors end up:

  • He who buys shares and sees them drop is furious because he bought them.
  • When the shares rise, he is furious because he did not buy more.
  • If he sells at a profit, and the shares rise further, he is furious because he could have sold them for a higher price.
  • If he waits with buying, he is furious when the price goes up because he has not bought.
  • If he does not take his profit, he is furious when the price drops, because he suppressed the tendency to sell.
  • If one gives him a counsel that proves to be good, he is furious because he did not give it before. And if that advice proves to be wrong, he is furious because he has been given it.

Do not want the following anymore? 
Ships, personnel, rent, insurance, advertising, long-term strangler contracts etc. Then look at how I trade shares on the computer. The course is for everyone who is interested in the exhibition.

Here is an example of students who have sat at my table. It does not matter what you do, if you only have a commercial spirit:

Cheese and fishmongers,
Footballers and drivers,
Lawyers and journalists,
Ortopedics and surgeons,
Bookkeepers, councilors and mayors,
Professors, croupiers and car dealers,
Jewelers, pharmacists, and architects,
Toiletists, IT specialists and hackers
Market vendors, roofers, and ex burglars,
Hairdressers , postmen and butchers etc.

Are you not there? 
It does not matter.
Do you have a commercial spirit?
Do you understand that profit starts with good purchasing?
Then I can show you the daytrading.

Kind regards from Rob Wessels – Rotgans


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