Required capital

The trading system is applicable for large and small business portfolios. Whether you have € 50,000 or a million available, the rules of the trade plan are the same.

Most traders are between € 50,000 and € 250,000 to trade with high-quality products. For example, if you want to paddle very carefully first, you can start with a slightly lower amount.

If you first want to see how day trading is done, you can take the luxury group course of 475, -. So you see on the course day how we act and you can also experience 20 online trade sessions at home. Then you know at least what day trading means and whether it is for you. Whether this form of day trading suits your personality.











Do you want to earn money with a loempiakar or with day trading?

I compare trade on the stock exchange with all other forms of trade. For example, someone wants to start a hotel-café-restaurant but only has money for a new spring roll-cart. Then I recommend to start with that spring roll cart to gain experience and save for a restaurant in the meantime.

I can not, of course, look in your wallet but start with an amount that you do not wake up to. Try starting with an amount that you would need for example to start an egg roll. That way you can act relaxed, and if it feels good, you increase your trading money step by step.

If you are interested, but still have a few questions, an introductory meeting is always useful. Do not hesitate to mail or call 010 519 21 15. We are happy to help!

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Interested in the course?

You are interested but you still have a few questions? An introductory meeting is always useful. Do not hesitate to mail or call. We are happy to help you!

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Phone NL +31 10 519 21 15