This course is for people who wants to become a professional trader; for those that trading comes as a second nature. It is meant for the genuine trader who wants to earn money and wants to make trades that put grist to the mill.Depending on your risk profile, trading funds and experience it is possible to earn money from €100 up to €2,000 per day.

We are here to make money!

If you have your emotions and yourself under control and you’ve gained practical experience, than it is possible to earn money from the market with acceptable risk almost everyday.

Net profit

The earnings are net! The broker does not charge any transaction costs, nor any fees, no VAT will be calculated, there are no employees, no office rent … the earnings are net!

Earn money from the stock exchange market

The daytrading course is about how to make money from the market. Even if you have never made a trade in your life, dont worry, I’ll coach you as long as it needed. You will learn quick, because the course is completely focused on practice and there is plenty of guidance from my part.

A higher return than the bank?

Is your current job providing little to no money and little gratification? Do you want to earn more than the average investor? Do you have a few hours time to kill on daily bases? Do not hesitate to email or call me for a quick chat. Rob and Adam will be happy to help!


The results are good and that is the only measurement to value a day trader.