Course Program

The course I wish someone had given me 20 years ago.

Program outline with a 5 minute break every hour

07:30 – Team introduces themselves while enjoying fresh pastries, coffee, tea and orange juice.
08:00 – The first live trades that we follow on a large screen.
08:30 –  Course participants introduce themselves.
09:00 – Course participants will practice with placing orders on their laptops.
10:30 – Discussion trading plan with inter alia the following elements:

* Does news have impact on trade?
* How do I start the trading day?
* What is high and what is low?
* When do I enter the market and when do I exit the market?
* When do I close my positions?
* How do I turn a loss into profit?
* What’s the purpose of an automated trading robot?
* Semi-automatic trading.
* How do I protect my investment?
* Why do I need a buffer?
* What if the stock prices go the wrong way?
* Which products, which markets, which broker, and why?

12:00 – Short lunch break
12:15 – Track Record / Results
12:30 – Eight short questions
12:45 – Course participants will practice the entire plan on their laptops
13:45 – Planning the next steps and the online follow-up sessions
14:00 – End of the course


Practical lessons over the internet

It is very important to gain practical experiences daily. Therefore you have the possibility to put theory into practice at home after the course during the online sessions. These follow-up sessions will be done online at the convenience of your own home. These online-sessions will be done through Go-To-Meeting, a program similar to Skype.
In these sessions you, and other course participants will have the possibility to see my screen, hear me talk and hopefully engage in delightful conversations about the trades and the trading plan.


Protect your investment. 

The notorious gangster “Al Capone” already said that the stock exchange was more corrupt and rotten than the mafia.

That is why I also teach you how you can protect your investment free of charge against possible criminal activities by banks, hedge funds, brokers, pension funds, multinationals and other big boys. In doing so, you will already have earned back the course fees immediately!


Click, trade, gain.

I teach you how I make money from nothing. Trading is a bit like fishing. If you go on angling long enough, a fish will bite. Sometimes a big one, sometimes a small one, but a fish to eat nevertheless. You wait patiently, click, trade and collect. You will see it live during the course.

You will not regret it because you get handed the best of 20 years of trading experience.