Step-up Daytrading course

Do you not want to bind yourself directly to the full course of 8 weeks from the start?
Would you like to know first whether daytrading is right for you?

Follow first the step-up course daytrading

Follow first the step-up course daytrading. In one day you will learn all the necessary information that is required to start your daytrading career. During this presentation Rob will trade live and do his best to open and close his positions within the day with a nice profit. Next to theory, you will also need practical experience and the online morning lessons are essential for this purpose. After the step-up course you will get the possibility to follow 5 online mornings sessions, starting from 08:00 till approximately 10:00 o’clock. These morning trading sessions can be followed home on your home computer. You can watch and trade over the shoulder of Rob as he will trade every morning as well.

This step-up course daytrading of €475,- is without any further obligations.
Tip! If you follow the course with 2 people you do not have to pay €950,- but only €695,-.

Here’s what the initial course of €475,- consists of: 
* A daytrading course from 07:30 to 14:00 in a van der Valk hotel,
* Breakfast with fresh pastries, orange juice, coffee and tea,
* Lunch with soup, small omelette and a surprise from the chef,
* Five online trading sessions, which you can follow at home,
* A course book, manual, trading plan and a copy of the presentation.
* A headset for the online trading sessions.
* A free refresher course within one year after folowing the presentation.

This step-up daytrading course will take place on Fridays between 07:30 and 14:00. Locations: Apeldoorn, Breda, Breukelen, Den Bosch, Rotterdam and Zwolle.

If you are satisfied at the end of the step-up course and know that daytrading suits you, you can decide to for to the eight-week trading sessions to gain the necessary practical experience under supervision of Rob.